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xiumin and tao for harper’s bazaar

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우주천재기묘연 생일축하해 ️ happy birthday HY #happybirthdayHY #hyoyeon #0922

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140922 oohsehunStarting from May 23rd until September 21st, we have finished our performances well. This was possible because we had EXO-L. It was also possible because we had our staff members who always worked behind the scenes. Also I love our EXO members a lot.. and thank you… Thank you so much.. Thank you for helping us be able to finish everything well.

wait, what? i don't undestand what's going on in those tweets, can u give me a quick 'ze:a drama for dummies' breakdown pls?
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OK SO. heres the deal. ze:a’s company, Star Empire Entertainment, has treated 9muses like shit for a while n we all know it.

so earlier today there was this article dropped. in short, its an interview w/ an anonymous extrainee from an anonymous company. extrainee claims the company sexually abused their trainees and threatened to ruin their careers/end their contracts if they refused to comply w/ the abuse.

SO ze:a. a member of ze:a debuted as a fighter a while ago n he had his first match n lost. he apparently got pretty fucked up. ze:a’s leader started out on twitter talking abt that. he was basically saying he was pissed bc their ceo called them ‘his kids’ but was mistreating them and didnt care for them. ze:a leader says he has been depressed and near suicide and that he loves his group members as if they are his own children and he’s sick of the ceo doing…. whatever it is hes doing. ze:a leader goes on to threaten to drop some sensitive information tmrw, probably the specifics of exactly how the ceo is mistreating them.

ppl r speculating the article n the ze:a business are related. basically, ppl think star empire ent is sexually abusing their trainees. thats all ive got on it so far. hope this was clear enough, and i really really hope a positive change comes out of this mess :/

ZE:A Lee Hoo →


I’m actually pretty sad by the fact I haven’t seen this on my dash more than once. Everyone seems to be ignorant of the situation, or has chosen to ignore it. Yet, if it were an EXO member doing this, a kpop blogger’s dash would be exploding with news, support, and awareness. But…


140921 real__pcy: Funky Chen!! My friend Jongdae!! Happy birthday!! From here on out no matter what happens, let’s pull through it together, I love you!!♥ #IOnlyLiveToday #BecauseIt’sYourBirthday #YouWon’tBeMadRight #ByChance #ButIGuessYou’reALittleTooHandsome #Respect #Anyway #MyBelovedNoona #WhoAlsoHasTheSameBirthday #HappyBirthday


they r so cute wth

[140920 TLP IN BEIJING] Yixing said while Lu Han is Beijing Prince, he is Changsha’s Little Pride, and Huang Zitao is Qingdao’s Young Master… Kim Junmyeon is Gangnam style.

cr. 兴萌鹿_嘤嘤贤

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Not knowing me is bad enough
But you’re comparing me to a girl like her?